Professional Services

Our advisors are experts in their field, just like you. We can tailor an Errors & Omissions package suitable for any professional service provider.

The Industry

When operating a business, errors can happen. And even in circumstances where you acted with the utmost level of care in your field, a negative outcome for a client can still result in a claim of a wrongful act. It’s important that consultants and professional service providers understand the potential liabilities that their operations can bring forth.

Professionals including management consultants, accountants, and financial planners all have valued clients who rely on their analysis and advice. As a result, such firms require more than your standard commercial insurance package policy. Professional service providers need to consider the various stakeholders they might be involved with and the potential for damaging financial impacts should they fail in their duty when providing their service.

How We Help

Brownridge Insurance has trusted advisors who are well-versed in analyzing risk and proposing insurance solutions for all types of professionals. Our team can also provide assistance beyond just an insurance policy, such as review and input regarding a brand new service contract that your business might be contemplating and the risk and insurance requirements within.

We understand that things like Certificates of Insurance need to be provided to your team in a timely and accurate manner, and we have a huge commercial support team to provide quick turnarounds for our clientele. Brownridge Insurance aims to be a reliable source of deep insurance expertise, to help your team understand and address the various physical and financial risks that are ever-present in your day to day operations. As professional service providers ourselves, we fully understand that no detail is too small to be overlooked!

Coverage Considerations

  • Errors & Omissions (E&O) Liability
  • Defence Costs (either included within the limit of liability or in excess)
  • First Dollar Defence Coverage
  • Retroactive Dates / Prior Acts
  • Cyber Liability

Target Risks

  • Management Consultants
  • IT Professionals
  • Financial Planners / Life Agents
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Industry-Specific Training Consultants
  • Miscellaneous Consultants
  • Architects & Engineers (See our separate Industry Page)
  • Environmental Consultants (See our separate Industry Page)
  • Forestry Professionals (See our separate Industry Page)