Surety Bonding

Providing sound consultation and surety programs for our contractor clients.

Primarily applicable to the construction industry, surety bonds protect the owners of a construction project against losses resulting from the contractor’s failure to meet an obligation of the terms of the contract agreement.

Brownridge Insurance has partnered with some of the leading surety providers in Canada to ensure that our clients benefit from industry-leading pricing and terms. Our team works with our contractor clients to evaluate their operational and financial profile, review their bond requirements, secure bonding capacity from surety companies, and execute bonds in a timely and accurate manner.

Our objective is to work towards maximizing your bond capacity which ultimately will lead to success on larger and more profitable construction projects.

We provide the following contract surety bonds:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bond
  • Labour and Material Payment Bond
  • Maintenance Bond
  • Lien Bond/Release of Lien Bond

Our surety bond services include:

  • Access to online service portals for digital bond issuance
  • Same-day bond issuance (from our office in Prince George)
  • Contract review
  • Professional review and management of clients’ and prospects’ current facility arrangements
  • Aggressive negotiation with pre-determined market(s)

Additionally, we provide a variety of miscellaneous bonds such as:

  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Administration Bonds for Estate Requirements
  • Lost Document Bonds
  • Committee Bonds