You help to protect our planet. We help protect your business.

The Industry

The sustainability of our environment has never been more of a priority. Balancing the need for products and services against preserving our world for future generations is complex. Analyzing the environmental risks associated with businesses in the environmental sector is essential for proper and prosperous operating conditions. It is crucial to mitigate risks from physical leaks, chemical exposures, hazardous materials, and so forth. When you add in ever-changing environmental laws, it’s easy to see why you need expert advice to understand how you can protect against the negative impacts of environmental risk.

How We Help

Brownridge Insurance appreciates the complexities that come with operating a business where environmental-related exposures are present. Our team can craft custom insurance programs for your company, whether you are an environmental contractor, consultant or business that transports hazardous materials. We understand the importance of keeping your company protected and cleaning up any unintended environmental impacts.

Coverage Considerations

  • Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Professional Liability / E&O
  • Forest Fire Fighting Expense
  • UAV (Drone) Liability
  • Mobile Field Equipment such as ATVs/UTVs/Snowmobiles

Target Risks

  • Environmental Contractors
  • Forestry / Resource Consultants
  • Silviculture Companies
  • Tree Farms & Nurseries
  • Timber Cruising & Cut-Block Layout
  • GIS & Mapping Services and Software