Adventure & Eco-Tourism

We’ve got you covered, so go wild! Actually no, don’t do that. Operate responsibly. But we will still protect your adventure business!

The Industry

We live and work in such a beautiful part of Canada. There are plenty of businesses that have used this as an opportunity to offer unique and adventurous experiences to locals and tourists alike. Whether it’s ATV tours or a lake-side resort, heli-skiing or dogsledding, the opportunity for adventure here is unlimited. Of course, with such an abundance of opportunity comes the need to manage the risks associated with the industry. We want to make sure your foray into the adventure business does not turn into a nightmare, from avalanches, to equipment failure, to wild animals.

How We Help

Our team has the experience and markets to ensure your insurance package offers industry-leading service and protection. We’ve kept pace with industry trends and can provide insurance programs that protect all aspects of your operations. Whether you are just getting started or are well-established, we’ll provide you with creative, unique and personalized service. Our team will create an insurance package that protects you, your customers and your company.

Coverage Considerations

  • Commercial General Liability with no “Injury to Participants” Exclusion
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Cyber Liability
  • Property coverage for your recreational vehicles while being operated by customers

Target Risks

  • Seasonal and Year-Round Resorts
  • Guided Tours, including hiking, biking, rafting, wildlife and more.
  • Fishing Charters
  • Boat Tours
  • Recreational Vehicle Rentals (ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, etc.)