Health & Medical

Addressing the specialized insurance needs of the medical field, our services are just what the doctor ordered.

The Industry

Simply due to the essential nature of the professional services they provide, the most obvious and crucial coverage need for most healthcare providers is their professional liability, or malpractice coverage. That said, for the the vast majority of doctors, dentists and other medical providers, their malpractice cover is typically in force on group insurance programs through their medical associations. Conventional insurance brokerages do provide coverage for some such professionals, but often only for certain services, or for specialists in particular fields.

That said, as with any business, there is still almost always the need for a comprehensive property and general liability program that addresses the various risks and exposures a medical office might face, including business interruption, cyber incidents and privacy breach.

How We Help

We can review and help our medical clients determine the appropriate coverage for their practice. Whether it is a family doctor, a dental office, an optometry practice with retail dispensary, or a cosmetic surgery clinic, we will work with our clients and create an insurance package to protect their assets and enable continuity of their business operations in the event of a loss.