Claims Management

Our professional advisors provide loss control and claims management services before, during, and after a loss.

Brownridge commercial clients will be able to reply on the expert advice of our team of experts at all times. This begins with the consultative process of underwriting and thoroughly understanding your business operations and risk exposures. We take a vested interest in our clients and their business operations and a proactive stance when it comes to mitigating and preventing loss from occurring in the first place.

In the event of a claim, be it property or liability, we never simply hand things over to your assigned claims adjuster and leave it at that. While the adjuster will certainly be the primary point of contact and coordinator for most aspects of the insurance claim, your regular Account Executive will always be there for feedback, advice, and to advocate for you to ensure you receive the proper service and coverage. We will keep in touch throughout the claims process and assist wherever we can to make sure that process goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

When a claim is completed an important final step is a final consultation or debrief between you and your representative at Brownridge. We (and our insurer partners) want to know how the claim was handled, about your experience with the various stakeholders involved in the claim process, and address any outstanding questions you may have. It is also where we can discuss any considerations the loss may have on your insurance coverage moving forward. Does it change anything in terms of coverage structure or limits needed? Were there lessons to draw from the loss that could result in different procedures or measures moving forward that may mitigate future losses?

Our commercial insurance advisors are always your trusted source when it comes to arranging your insurance coverage, so it is only natural that we will also be there with you when it counts, whenever that coverage needs to be relied upon.