Commercial Auto

Our Account Executives rely on a team of commercial auto experts to support our business clients

The Auto Insurance section of our site has a more thorough overview of the various types of auto insurance coverage we provide to our fleet and commercial clients. However, we feel it is important to stress the level of expertise and depth that the staff at Brownridge brings to the table for our clients, and how our team coordinates in handling the different lines of coverage.

Because of mandatory ICBC coverage, for brokerages in British Columbia, unlike most provinces, auto insurance is typically by separate auto insurance specialists, rather than having vehicle coverage added to the home policy (for personal vehicles) or taken care of by the Commercial Account Executive (for commercial auto policies).

We are very proud to have an incredibly experienced and talented auto insurance team at Brownridge. Since we have always had a very heavy focus on complex commercial fleets, auto dealerships, repair garages, and major trucking & logging operations, our commercial auto team has the autonomy and specialized knowledge to handle all aspects of our clients commercial auto needs. That said, they work very closely with your Commercial Account Executive to ensure no coverage gaps between your auto and commercial policies; ensuring proper protection for equipment such as heavy machinery, ATVs, and snowmobiles; and addressing unique exposures like non-owned auto liability or rental vehicle coverage.

Our people have auto insurance depth and knowledge that we would happily put up against the largest Vancouver or Toronto national brokerage, but at Brownridge, the left hand knows what the right is doing. Our auto team and your commercial advisor will communicate to ensure you are properly cared for at all times.

We offer commercial auto insurance for:

  • Short and long-haul transportation operations
  • ICBC fleets
  • ICBC garage policies
  • Cargo/inland marine coverage
  • Alberta Commercial Auto Fleets
  • Facility Association (Yukon/Alberta)