ICBC Autoplan

Let our auto insurance specialists manage all of your vehicle insurance needs.

As an ICBC Autoplan brokerage, we handle all aspects of vehicle registration, licensing, and insurance coverage for our British Columbia clients. Whether for the family car, a commercial truck, or a fleet of vehicles for a large transportation company, we have the expertise and specialized knowledge to meet your needs.

Coverage Considerations

  • Basic Insurance and Enhanced Care – Basic Autoplan is the mandatory coverage for all vehicles in BC. It includes basic vehicle damage coverage to repair your vehicle. Under BC’s no-fault system, instead of recovering the cost of repairs from the driver responsible, your own insurance will cover you. It also includes $200,000 of Third Party Liability coverage to protect you in certain circumstances, including when traveling out of province.
  • Collision coverage helps pay for your vehicle repairs, towing, storage and more, even if you were responsible for the crash.
  • Comprehensive covers a range of other perils including theft, vandalism, fire, earthquake, falling objects, impact with an animal, and more.
  • Hit and Run Coverage – If you want protection for damage by an unidentified driver but don’t opt to carry collision coverage, you can now purchase Hit and Run as a standalone option.
  • Income Top-Up – High income earners should consider this optional coverage that provides additional income replacement to top up the wage loss benefits provided under ICBC’s no-fault Enhanced Care.
  • Extended Third-Party Liability – Even though ICBC’s Enhanced Care is a no-fault system, there is still the need for carrying third party liability, for example if causing non-vehicle property damage or when driving outside of BC. So it is still strongly advisable to carry excess liability coverage over and above the basic $200,000.